According to VENOL’S opinion meets the requirements of: MB 229.1; VW 501 01/505 00; GM B 0402098; Renault RN 0700

The unique stock composition provides excellent oil parameters, reduces the risk of valve wear while maintaining greater engine cleanness. The relevant composition of synthetic and mineral bases together with the new generation of refined additives guarantees perfect lubrication and protection of the engine from the start up. These properties give the user trouble-free operation of the engine under all conditions, extending its life. It is designed for use in cars equipped with gasoline and Diesel engines with turbocharging or without. Ready to be mixed with other branded motor oils of this kind.

High quality motor oil, based on the ACTIVE POWER technology, produced of the highest quality mineral and synthetic base oils, using the latest generation enrichment additives packages, providing excellent functional properties:  viscosity-temperature – provide optimal lubrication parameters in all temperature conditions, including so-called easy engine start during periods of high temperature drops

anti-wear – greatly reduce the friction coefficient of cooperating engine elements, increasing their life and reliability

  • washing and dispersing – keep the engine in perfect cleanliness and protect it against all kinds of pollution caused by exploitation
  • antioxidant – allow for a long service life, minimizing the formation of high-temperature residues
  • anti-corrosion and anti-rust – effectively protect engine components against corrosion and rust.


  • SAE: 10W/40
  • ACEA: A3/B3


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